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Bar collocation knowledge

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 07, 2016

Invite 35 friends Qi Qi party, simple decoration, with this warm red bar chairs, but also appears to have a festive Christmas atmosphere, very suitable for the party oh!

The seat is a selection of high quality suede fabric, not only has the fire retardant effect, and very comfortable, just in the winter chill sent a warm! The maintenance is also very simple, light stains can use textile cleaner or dipped in water neutral soap sponge gently wipe with a clean cloth dry for your effort and worry!

The cushion is filled with high density foam molding cotton molding, not easily deformed! And strong permeability, good elasticity, not easy to aging! According to the body posture ergonomic design. Especially, let you and your friends are sitting more comfortable! Festival chat more happy!

As a fashion success, a person at home, Christmas is too lonely, with such a high-grade leather bar chair, the circle of friends to open a party is also very good oh!

The design of the stool used the atmosphere of the European style, add some exotic elements during the holiday season with Siwon and more foreign Christmas match! If you want to make some home a different atmosphere, can collocation a beautiful wine, a few delicate goblets, about 35 friends a quiet, more traditional christmas!

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