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Cleaning and maintenance of the chair

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 07, 2016

1, clean with clear water and cleaning agent on the surface of your chair. Chair, usually made of plastic, relatively hard, so water and detergent can clean very clean, for home chair with cleaning agent 1:99 for cleaning can be, as in the bar chair, you should with a disinfectant for disinfection and cleaning of 1:49, because the bar chair every day will come into contact with many different people, will be dirty.

2, maintenance work should pay more attention. As mentioned above, 81 every day will be in contact with many different people, each person's posture and weight are not the same, so the chair may be easier if it is damaged, no regular inspection, it may one day, which one who sits in the it suddenly rolled down. Look at your chair is not dirty, is not bad, it is now.

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