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Dining room for the first 12 functional dining space

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 19, 2017

Kitchen space is narrow and not willing to occupy the small space of the living room space, but also to the dining room simply set in the form of the bar in the excessive place. Just put two chairs, is undoubtedly the easiest way

A lot of large-sized apartment space in addition to the dining room and living room are arranged together, the table put into the kitchen it is not another way. The kitchen space is not too narrow room can be considered directly create dining space in the kitchen, in addition to save space, meal preparation and pack can bring infinite convenience.

Independent dining space is placed inside the thick large round table, is a good reunion meaning. The wooden table and chair, atmosphere and simple, it is no exaggeration. With some green decoration, to create a very simple and calm dining space.

The spatial pattern of the whole room, fashionable living room, dining room and kitchen almost exist in the same space. The black mirror on the collocation of stainless steel material, a set of simple lines as the table and kitchen and dining space, the black and white collocation is very harmonious.

The long table with six chairs placed on both sides of a neat, typical European style dining space and layout. However, the wooden material cut a lot of rigorous arrangement of the spirit, especially the plain, simple, let here to enjoy every meal meals are more practical.

Simple fashion room inside the restaurant is still simple, regardless of color or lines, simple, direct is still its characteristics. Black and white collocation table, hanging down with the same geometric lines around the chandelier style dining area, make a more simple fashion.

Kitchen space, table is full, the above table lateral spread space, set up a simple square dining space. The water clear table, transparent chair, make the space delicate, simple.

Deep white wood color collocation desktop become the dining main color space, space is also a restaurant across the broad table is connected with the dining table, dining space. As a space inside the same only need to extend the table space, can add a functional space, make the kitchen the overall pattern, clean.

The wide kitchen also into the dining space layout, table lines and color bring a bit of nostalgia. The old collocation ceiling chandeliers, dark light falls in the dining room, simple, nostalgic atmosphere for dining is romantic and touching.

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