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Furniture shopping, and measured the size before you buy

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Recently, Mr Chen was scouring the Internet for a fabric living room sofa, and purchase from the seller into the supporting foot. Unexpectedly receiving opened a watch, the foot is too large, abrupt in the living room. In this regard, Mr Chen annoyed. "Buy when the seller says is customized according to my sofa size, distribution, without asking. ”

In this regard, the Office furniture factory in Guangzhou believes that through online shopping to purchase large pieces of furniture, first measure the housing size, draw a simple plan, mark wants to put furniture size, and compare their own interior design style.

Also, be sure to determine what furniture to buy after the style, size, and Internet shops. After sorting out some matching furniture, carefully view the seller's reputation, customer purchase history and evaluation, and through exchanges with the store to determine professional or not. When looking at furniture illustrations, concerned about whether the pictures are pictures, there is no post processing, bearing in mind the material texture and detail work. In making the selection to shop around. Buy Fabric sofas and other furniture, identify related sample can be obtained from the seller before buying, to make sure that no difference in kind.

Finally, when the furniture home, buyers must be checked carefully. Because furniture is bulky items, usually in logistics and transport, so when logistics station, be sure to check the packaging, packing cases, continue to check the furniture is intact, things are complete, there are issues that must be rejected, contact seller to return or claim processed in a timely manner.

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