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How To Buy Bar Stools

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 31, 2016

1, comfortable, and can sit for a long time

In addition to maintaining good body curve, a chair can never forget is to sit comfortably, and to sit comfortably, the cushion is of course extremely important way in order to maintain flexibility is not easy deformation, and because muscle is extremely important to support the body, so excellent natural body give appropriate cushion support, which can reduce fatigue.

2, the seat must be in line with the curve of the human body three degrees

The seat surface can increase the thigh bottom and buttocks and seat contact area, the average pressure dispersion, not to converge at a certain point, at the same time because of a tilt, also has a stable pelvis effect, avoid sitting will slide forward, in addition, the seat design can also be less rounded, medial knee the friction and contact, is beneficial to health.

3, the degree of coordination of the chair

At the time of purchase, if the chair collocation is very high, is to buy more opportunities, for example, mobile users can cooperate with the chair body to make different adjustments, because the user may not be only one sitting, if it is limited to death, this chair is equal to no use.

4, fast, light and accurate height adjustment device

Everyone needs to height are different, but because of the height of the table is fixed, so the chair is well adjusted height, it will become one of the important conditions, because the high chair will let users feet hanging in the air, this part of the pressure vessel, causing blood circulation and poor posture, but low chairs will make contact with the body to reduce the pressure of the chair, all concentrated in the ischial tuberosity near the thigh and trunk between the small angle will oppression offal, most importantly, too low chair will make the desktop is too high, hands must be slightly flatter to flat on the table, some have the shoulder and arm pain. In general, the height adjusting device are pressure, adjust easily to, the accuracy is high, the purchase may try to sit to see can be known.

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