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How to know Bar Chair height

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 04, 2017

Bar chairs are used more and more in life, is widely used in bars, restaurants or some merchandise stores and other places, full of passion, fashion, fashion and other elements. The height of the chair also has certain requirements, usually the chair has its height adjusting function, then chair height in number the most appropriate?

Chair welcome because of its modern and metal texture, its shape is similar to an ordinary chair, but also can rotate 360 degrees, but the seat from the ground is relatively high, different style types of bar chairs have different height, the general chair height can be adjusted according to specific needs people, bar chair height can be set according to the bar, the bar below 20-1000px is generally more appropriate.

However, a lot of bar chairs have lifting function can control its height, but there are also some high chair is no lifting function, these fixed chair height is generally between 80-2500px, there are some places that may be of special needs some high bar chairs, there are some places that may be of special needs some short some of your chair, it depends on the specific circumstances.

Overall, most of the bar chair because of environmental design, the required height is not the same, the range of chair height from the ground of the shortest distance is 40 1375px, the highest in the range of 70-2125px is the most appropriate.

Not only the chair height is different, its size is not the same, the common chair size is about L42*W46.5*H2300px, in addition, L44*W44*H2075px, L45*W50*H2475px, L45*W45*H2300px etc. the size is also a lot of common chair size.

Information about the height of the chair detailed here, hope that this article can make friends of the chair height can have a more in-depth understanding, convenient to find more suitable for their own high chair!


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