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How to pay attention to detail in the design of open kitchen counter

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Dec 29, 2016
source: China Cabinet network

To open kitchen design a bar is more stylish, more suitable to high bar according to the actual use of the bar design. If the bar is used when the table, then the bar height should be at 1875px~2000px; if the bar is designed as a leisure area, and with the standard chair, the height should be at least three or four meters. In the open kitchen door position bag ball, the transition problem can be solved both inside and outside the wall.

First, the extension of the main body of the cabinet

The design of a peninsula style island in the kitchen, and make it a part of the cabinet relative standing. In my spare time, here becomes a small bar, drink a cup of wine, a cup of coffee, very comfortable. At the same time, you can also put a small TV or sound into the kitchen, while cooking, while watch love the TV or listen to music, enjoy a better life.

Two, the island is a wonderful combination of cabinets

The island of Taiwan can be subtly telescopic, small island does not occupy space. In addition, you can also extend a dining area, if the end of the island and the cabinet is parallel to the arc board used to connect them, put a bar chair has become a leisure area, and had a small island of Taiwan has also been released the more space.

Three, column partition

The kitchen is rectangular, the establishment of the island would be more trouble, you can extend the cabinet end to fill the island function, the column can increase the kitchen stereo feeling, it also can be used as a partition of the kitchen and dining room. The table made of wood and even the island as a whole, here can use meal, can also become the operation station and easy to use.

Four, bar height design

We are in the design of desktop kitchen should pay attention to under the cabinet table size high 80 cm, width 60 cm high from the ground. Over 160 cm to 225 cm, width 40 cm. Small space according to the size of the floating not too much, don't look very crowded. Do you do not need to consider the sealing bar the wall, because it not only played a role of students, but also achieve the decorative effect.

Five, the desktop material selection

The open kitchen, there is plenty of space between the two beams, so the waste is disgraceful, one can design small rectangular bar! Just to be able to separate the kitchen space and other space, this space squeeze under several people is not a problem. When we should pay attention to in the material selection, the fumes from the kitchen, must choose good anti clothing wiping material, such that clean up easily.

You are in the design of the open kitchen bar, may wish to set up a rectangular small bar, the kitchen space can be well separated from other space, you can better use of space, and you can leave more locations


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