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National standards of all types of office furniture

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Office furniture how to classify

A wide variety of office furniture on the market today, according to their function can be divided into: office furniture category, file cabinets, bed type, screen position, and display, and so on; according to their materials can be divided into: solid wood (Quan Mu) furniture, Panel furniture, leather furniture, fabric furniture, steel furniture, mixed-wood furniture, and so on.

1, solid wood (Quan Mu) Office furniture

All made from wood, few completed with only a few materials such as plywood, solid wood furniture is mortise structure with fixed structures. Currently market Shang of wood furniture points two species, a is pure wood furniture, furniture of all with material are is wood, this furniture artistic strong, has is high of collection value; another a is imitation wood furniture, from appearance Shang see wood of texture, and feel and the color are and wood furniture exactly, but Office furniture actually is wood and Panel mixed and business, value than pure wood furniture also difference is far. Of course, the solid wood furniture has its drawbacks, like solid wood has a certain amount of moisture, when the outside temperature, humidity, environmental changes, moisture will change, resulting in deformation of the furniture.

2, Panel furniture

All body parts as surface decoration, artificial boards, plywood, particle board, blockboard, MDF, etc are made of dressed a few products with real wood. Due to the shortage of wood resources in China, so mainstream furniture is furniture in the market today, and most of the Office furniture disassembly and Assembly structure. Wood furniture is mainly paper, solid wood veneer and painted three. With the improvement of people's living standards, wood-veneer paper has become superficial, and solid wood veneer material with its realistic wood grain effect, good environmental performance and unique mosaic technology, gives a feeling of simplicity, more and more consumers of all ages. Two kinds of wood: a natural wood skin, and the other is made of solid wood, and widespread acceptance of natural wood skin. But in recent years, thanks to advances in painting process, replaced by painted veneer, Panel office furniture has become a new bright spot. If the process is good, each piece of furniture will have the texture of the fabric, wood-like texture, it has become a new trend of furniture.

3, leather furniture

Skin using natural animal leather-clad form. Leather furniture on the market is very popular with sofas and chairs, giving a stylish, elegant, luxurious feeling. Leather is soft and flexible, tough, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent properties, the furniture is easy to maintain material. But due to the selection of office furniture leather types, different parts and ways of dealing with differences, different makes of leather touch may be soft, such as fiber, or thick and tough, leather office furniture is a high plasticity of the material.

4, fabric furniture

Wool, linen, cotton, chemical fiber fabric covered furniture. Fabric furniture with Fabric sofas and fabric beds, fabric furniture, Office furniture, concise fashion, elegant, colorful, color harmony, texture soft, crisp and lively atmosphere are brought to people's lives, much of consumers.

5, steel furniture

Main parts are made of steel. Iron bed, tiegui, iron table, it's durable, large capacity, and has a great deal of flexibility, loading and unloading facilities, Office furniture, Office furniture, from all aspects to meet user needs.

6, mixed-wood office furniture

Made of metal, plastic, glass, marble, rattan, bamboo, wood office furniture made of mixed materials, such as timber.

Second, Office furniture of national standard size

High dining tables and Dining chairs don't match, will sit uncomfortable writing desks are too high, chairs are too low, it will make people form lying posture, shortening the line of sight, as time passes easily bending deformation of the spine and shortsighted. To this end, the daily use of the furniture must meet the criteria. Chairs height class, the national standards have been provided. Among them, the table furniture height dimensions can have 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, 760mm, four specifications; chair stool seat height of furniture can have 400mm, 420mm, 440mm, three specifications. Also provides tables and chairs supporting the use of standard size, the table and Chair height differences should be controlled in the range from 280 to 320mm. Proper Chair height should be able to keep the two people sitting vertical: is when both feet flat on the floor, thighs and calves can basically vertical. At this time, the frontier cannot be on the under surface of the thigh formation pressure. Second, when the two arms to hang freely, and upper arms perpendicular to the arm, then desktop height should contact with the under surface of the forearm. This will enable people to maintain correct posture and writing posture. If the Office Chair height to match up unreasonable, will directly affect the people's posture, not conducive to consumer health. To this end, the standard also provides the desk space under the table height not less than 580mm, spaces of a width not less than 520mm, this is to ensure that when people use the legs to have enough space.

Office sofa size, GB provides single sofa seat width shall not be less than 480mm, smaller than this size, who can barely sit in, feel narrow. The depth of the seat should range from 480 to 600mm, deep shank cannot hang, leg are oppressed; shallow, feel unable to sit still. The height of the seat should be in the range from 360mm to 420mm, the high is like sitting in a Chair, not feeling well; too low, sit down stand up will be difficult. Hanging wardrobe height class, national standards, and clothes hanging Rod along to 40mm to 60mm distance from the roof, big waste of space; small to fit into coat hangers. Clothes hanging Rod along the distance from the floor, Hung long coat shall be not less than 1350mm, hanging coat shall be not less than 850mm. Wardrobe depth considering man's broad shoulders, generally 600mm, shall be not less than 500mm, or only inclined to shut the door. Bookcase class also has a standard, national standard palette layer should be not less than 220mm. Less than this size will not fit 32 the size of ordinary books. Considering placing the bigger items such as magazines, albums, shelf General choice between 300mm to 350mm.

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