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Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Starting from the time, we need to be sitting in the Office Chair all day, if there is no proper posture, so long will affect their health, so, there is a correct sitting position and a suitable seat height is very important.

Office Chair seat surface height is the vertical distance to the ground, if the seat back or concave arc, seat height the front center of the vertical distance to the ground. Varies depending on the right height because of the height of the seat. Seat height is too high it will be suspended two foot touch the ground, weight loss will force leg vessels, impeding blood flow in your body, prone to General fatigue and numbness in the legs; high, low shank supports you want pressure from the thighs, long time will cause discomfort to the upper body still ached.

Best Office Chair height for calf nests to the heel of the foot, plus 25-35mm thicker, minus 10-20mm allowance of activities, namely: H1 (h) = calf nests high + heel thickness appropriate clearances. Practical test for sitting at the table, his hands placed on the desktop, your elbows should be bent 90 degrees.

Now, most Office chairs have automatic adjustment functions, but for those who cannot adjust the height of the Office chairs, we also have the flexibility to change your sitting height, for example, seats short, can something on the seat cushion, if the seat is high, we can on the foot pad things, this ensures that two right angles.

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