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Office Chair how to determine the practicability and the quality of life and safety issues

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Office Chair how to determine the practicability and the quality of life and safety issues. So the user highly for quality office chairs manufacturer in the factory Office chairs are the chassis, casters, backrest, armrests, chair legs to do testing, guarantee its quality is up to standard.

Chassis test:

Office Chair chassis back durability Tester used Office Chair five feet under pressure vertical stress tests, this machine can also be use as a fatigue test, set values, test cycle, cyclic loading stress for fatigue testing. Pressure and holding time and cycle testing times are adjustable.

Castor life testing:

Office Chair castors life testing machine is suitable for all on castors or Chair wheel chair for assessment of castors and Chair frames to withstand fatigue arising from the Chair back and forth pressure and wear. Placing load (113 kg), clamping fixture with motor and synchronous belt drive, Office chairs or Chair movement before and after boxes, to assess the wear life of castors, stroke, velocity and frequency can be set up.

Back of Chair tests:

Chair backrest tester to back durability and tilting mechanism of two kinds of tests. Fixed castors for Office chairs, the seat back a certain strength, speed and requiring a test for back, to assess the quality of products.

Handrails and chair legs to test:

Office Chair armrests, chair legs integrated testing machines simulate the use of Office chairs, test the arm of the Chair structure to withstand the vertical stress and repeated load pressure capacity, the load can be affected is when you leave the seat arm as arising from the support force. Apart from the arm test, the machine can also be used for leg strength, and foot durability tests.

Under normal circumstances, stability testing of furniture used chairs stability testing and stability testing, ensure a stable of furniture, balancing performance and stability.

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