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Office Chair purchase 7 standard

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Office Chair styles a lot more freedom in the use, if used correctly, as a desk chair can play a different functions in different spaces. However, relative to use in the dining room or the Chair of the study, users need them to be in an Office environment, but when you buy Office chairs should take note of the following seven requirements:

1, Office Chair depth

More formal occasions, people posture sitting. And the posture of people honestly, you need to sit in front of the Chair "on" position. At home, people are more relaxed, this situation would do better. Purchase of should first sit down, try the seat depth of feeling of the body as a whole, will be able to know if it meets business needs.

2, Office chairs-the height of the chair legs

This user's feet and shut outside of Chair high chair, of course, General Chair's seat height is too much, but if the unit does have a little people have to be taken into account.

3, handrail height

When seated, if the person is used to put the hands down, you can choose low armrests or no armrests of Office chairs but if like to shrink the entire people in the middle of Office chairs, then, arms high, deep chairs, is probably the best choice.

4, seat back height

Who likes to sit, but can choose not to have outside armrests, backrest stool, can also opt for low armrests and low back Chair, seat's Center of gravity in the person's waist; if you prefer to focus on the back and therefore rely on the back, you may wish to choose a high back office chairs, may also look at whether the height of the backrest around the neck. Sometimes the seat back height around the neck, instead of making users habitually at a 90 degree angle in the back of the neck, thus easily causing neck injuries.

5, chairs tilt

Although the impression appears to be padded with backrest Office Chair at a 90-degree, but most are in fact slightly back, the man safely sitting in a Chair. More casual performance Office Chair, pitch larger, people sit on it seems as if he is lying in a Chair.

6, Chair of the stability

Note that Chair in the structural details are processed, you know that stability of the Chair. Especially chair this chair legs as the main support of the Chair, should pay more attention to structural problems, like card, screw joints check is very important. Proposed purchase users personally sit, and slightly shake the body, to realize the Chair's stability.

7, Chair of softness

Note whether the softness of the upholstery and backrest comfort. If additional back office chair cushion, pad, looking directly at the hardness of the material itself. Additional parts you should pay attention to the use of internal filling, what feels after and trying to sit up.

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