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Small ideas to create a small apartment kitchen perfect effect

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 19, 2017
source: SOHU

Even if it is not convenient for the kitchen wall cabinet can also be local device wall shelf, the debris all housed up. After the shelf device, greatly improving the use of space power. In addition, the article also let weekdays access more convenient.

2, to borrow space near the site

Open kitchen planning can be combined with the vicinity of the functional area, greater space in the field of vision, in addition to a number of cabinets after partition, can improve the storage of a large number of storage space

3, improve the scalability of folding furniture

Through the use of some folding furniture, improved space at any time according to different needs, make use of space. A higher power.

4, the use of multifunctional kitchen countertops

The dining area extends out of the kitchen table not delay operating platform, also can use the table below to storage. In order to form the integrated kitchen, greatly improving the utilization rate of storage and storage space.

5, small props large storage

If the kitchen is not very wide, but there are a lot of blank walls are not used, the use of small shelves and independent hooks to add storage space

6, complete the super flexible storage furniture

The movable furniture can provide valuable use of space; is not placed against the wall, make the kitchen more large-sized apartment neat.

7, the edge of the wall of unconventional admission

The space around the wall cabinet may be small, but can use wall mounted storage rack to incorporate some of the lid, cutting board and other tools.

8, pay attention to the kitchen transition zone

The open kitchen and the living room of the transition area placed a side cabinet, not only satisfied with the storage needs of small space, but also for the appropriate division of the large space

9, the use of marginal super cabinet

A storage device capable of marginal kitchen shelf, can receive a high rate of use of pots and pans and other debris.


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