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Small size of the kitchen with a simple color decoration

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 19, 2017
source: China Cabinet network

In fact, the simple decoration of large-sized apartment kitchen are primarily focused on the collocation of color, because the kitchen space is small, but the large-sized apartment kitchen renovation design, so the color must not choose too deep color, regardless of the color of the cabinet, wall tiles or color, there are some ceiling, lighting the choice, no matter what. Colors are bright, bright colors, can be designed as a contemporary style, which is very popular in recent years.

Large-sized apartment kitchen simple decoration color there are many recommendations, there are also some contraindication to the use of color, first recommended color with white, beige, yellow, light green, brown, gray, beige. Taboo colors are black, gray, brown, purple, red Chinese. The traditional style is still very interested, especially the Chinese style furniture, wood, or mahogany furniture that is love, in fact, no matter what style of kitchen decoration, to create a kind of warm feeling is the most important, pastoral style are used in some of the more warm colors, but also can be used as the kitchen decoration style.

Small size of the kitchen is easy to choose the color of the decoration is relatively easy, we must first know that the modern style is also very beautiful, practical, full of dreams.

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