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Small space to house no bar? Don't worry, Luxuries delivery customized make home more than 20 square meters

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 11, 2017
source: Qilu Evening News

A kitchen turned into a restaurant and kitchen

In prices rising now, for many marriageable family friends, marriage room usually to go, most of them would choose 60-90 square meters of the house. The space planning and utilization may wish to try Luxuries delivery customization, for example, to expand the using area of the restaurant, the restaurant can the kitchen integration custom design, partition saved in the middle region where the custom design of a European style bar two space, when many people can also let the bar become an extension of a part of the table!

A living room into a living room and dining room

Usually meet sacrifice bedroom and study the process of getting to the use of the area will be large area of the living room and dining apartment layout design. This results in the figure we selected a low-key luxury European style design, simple and elegant connotation, in the dining room and living room floor with a beautiful flower type glazed brick, can also design a bar in a living room or dining area, when visitors can invite to sit, drink a cup of chatting for a moment.

How to choose bar lights and bar chairs?

European bar as a highlight of the decoration, attention must be paid to the selection and collocation of color bar lights. We suggest that the bar table can choose quartz stone, for the daily cleaning. The lights also choose other beautiful LED. This design of the bar will show strong European flavor.

The bar bar chairs in the market collocation is very common, most of the material is glass, clinker, wood etc. for European style decoration, bar bar chair collocation is the best choice with wood, this is only with a European flavor!

The bar with wine, red wine with beauty

You want a bar to become eye-catching, a suitable cabinet design essential Oh! Is the best in the side of the design bar bar, in height to slightly higher than the existing bar can be in the shape of diamond bar design may choose staggered layering, because only the most suitable for the placement of diamond bar round the bottle, and the shape is also very beautiful.


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