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Solid wood furniture certainly environmental protection also to pay attention to distinguish

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Furniture pollution other than formaldehyde, as well as clumsy, toluene and TOVC, formaldehyde is generally free from adhesive, cover furniture with a plate of good and good things should be no problem, the benzene pollution mainly comes from oil paint, solid wood furniture that is more important, water soluble paint good, solid wood furniture is not some environmental protection but also to pay attention to distinguish.

Online comments on furniture was mixed, some individual exceptions just because there is a comment that doesn't negate some competitors to malicious attacks, in short, should feel but can not believe it, and tastes like sentimental stuff, different people feel differently.

Buying furniture to stores to buy more protection. Like some of the special advance payment, when disputes arise with merchants by store coordination is very beneficial to consumers, but to remember the cover must pay attention to sign a contract, sale of after-sales service; also entered the well-known furniture store is certainly RoHS, equivalent to stores ahead of a shut in environmental protection.

Now in store of pure solid wood solid wood furniture is rarely, and a solid wood frame, internal partitions and back sheet for sheet has mostly, these plates should be carefully studied, particularly the less well-known brands of solid wood furniture. In addition to buy furniture or have a reasonable expectation, expecting no taste at all is impossible, so drying time is necessary to live in, at least a month or two, and furniture of different needs at different times.

Wood moisture content does not exceed 12%. Furniture with water should not exceed 12%, high moisture, wood easy to warpage and distortion. General consumer purchase, no instrument can take hands, touch the underside of the furniture by hand or where there is no paint, if it feels damp, moisture content, at least in 50% above, does not use. Another approach can be to the wood didn't paint with a little water, if spread slow or spread, indicating high moisture.

Furniture materials is reasonable. Furniture of different surface materials are different. As table, and Chair, and Cabinet of legs, requirements with hard hardwood, compared strong, can bearing, and internal materials is available other material; coat Cabinet leg of thickness requirements reached 2.5cm, too thick on is clumsy, thin has easy bent deformation; kitchen, and bathroom of Cabinet cannot with fibreboard do, and should with plywood, because fibreboard met water will expansion, and damaged; table is should resistance washing. Found wood poles, foam, that drying is not complete. Checked out the surface, and open the cabinet door, drawer door look inside materials have decayed, can put a pinch with your fingers, pinch it means rotten. Open door smell a smell, if red nose, eyes, tears, and description of cement in the formaldehyde content is too high, be harmful to the human body.

Furniture is solid. Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hanger on selection in the cement floor, such as dragging a trailer, gently falling down, ringing, indicating better quality; if you sound dumb, had split hides noise shows mortise combined with tight, structure is not in prison. Desk, table, hands can shake shake, stabilizing instability. Sofa sitting down, if sitting on a creaking twist, shake shake, a nail, use for any length of time. Square table, bar, Chair, legs should have four triangular clips, fixation, chosen to turn the Chair upside down and have a look, hands can have a feel of fabric Chair.

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