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The mainstream of modern office furniture design and model design

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Modern office furniture advocate personalized and the art of of while, Office furniture industrial design has towards materials, and new process, and technology, and new style of trend evolution, in novelty seeking variable of process in the, designer face market of core problem is to can provides to consumers satisfaction of products, so for a perfect of design works also should to consumers for subject, discussion its touch, and Visual of feel, not only on form, and material, and color, and function, for design of focus, more needed on consumers physiological, and psychological of needs for in-depth of understand, Consumer demand for Office furniture are summarized as follows:

A functional: meet the functional requirements of the Office furniture, breakthroughs in technology research and development increase the additional value, such as folding folding beds and chairs share and achieve a real dual-use, space-saving, easy to handle, economical and practical multiple functions. Chair and table design so that the two complement each other in use. Chairs height can be adjusted as the child grows and random, Office chairs have access to hydraulic design, easy to adjust height. For different objects, such as research and development is the use of office furniture, such as medical Assistant or recreational function.

II, and comfortable sex: office furniture most basic of consumption conditions, that can meet using Shang of function sex, and can according to human workers learn of considerations and design out psychological and the physiological Shang comfortable of requirements, human function theory that is: a was people contact and using of apparatus supplies, gives people of is comfortable, and Tian Plaza, and convenient, and physical and mental of pleasure and intoxicated sense, according to science law, design people, and real, and body, and hand, and foot, and head of activities by can reached of space range to set or simulation. In inertial motion, physical phenomenon with human dimensions and the combined men's movement, necessity of function and the highest form of life. The spreading of modern office furniture, computer operations for a long time, for sitting height, weight shift and rotation, the fluidity of space are the mainstream of office furniture design in the new century.

Third, the artistic: office furniture design of art is a fusion of aesthetics and mechanics, appearance of body balance products, the appropriate structure and overall. On the volume, General mining and light, fold from the bottom up, formed under the next wide-narrow, small, thick under thin form, is in line with ergonomic principles. On the use of color, the lower color depth, the basic design of the upper light, stable solid feel on the Visual. Decorative patterns, texture vivid images of charm, and focused practices. Point, line and plane form styling, has created a unique style of performance.

Four, convenience: the volatility of the modern lifestyle, leisure-oriented at the same time, part of the Office furniture to combine or collapse, for the design direction. Other Office furniture for export needs, consideration of transport cost, manufacturers for the production of modular office furniture, it is necessary. For consumers on the combination of office furniture can also be space at different individual needs, different choices change.

Five, and durable sex: General people depending on Office furniture for permanent property, even depending on of for antique save or as heirloom, so visible office furniture in consumers of psychological cognitive Shang office furniture is should is long-term using and not wear of, investigate its material,, wood office furniture if its material material excellent, and anti-corrosion processing appropriate, after number years more can rendering its gloss texture of nature, so Yu selection Shi for durability of first key, furthermore designers for component mechanical Shang of assessment also is success points. Used Office furniture use and maintenance related to the life of office furniture.

Six, security: due to the awakening of the consciousness of environmental protection and the establishment of national safety standards, required for traditional design is not consistent with the trend, such as the height of tables and chairs, hand inlaid, structural mechanics, gluing of wood chemical content standards, especially for children also has a clear specification of used Office furniture. Savvy consumers will also be through national or international standards as a basis for purchasing.

Office furniture design:

Office furniture office furniture is designed, according to the human-scale requires the formation of a specific size range, still, Office furniture must be reflected in the specific scale. And scale overview also includes Office furniture and office furniture components, capacity and storage, furniture and interior spaces and other furnishings that set off when a size impression. This will give the impression of different people different feelings, happy, open, closed, crowded, dull, this sense of feeling called scales. In order to get a good sense of scale, in addition to the functional requirements of reasonable dimensions, also from the aesthetic requirements, adjust office furniture under certain conditions or the corresponding scale in a particular environment, access to Office furniture in harmony with people, objects and interior environment.

For small pieces of furniture, especially small desk, small table, stool, does not affect the functions and structure of the premise, should be used in small parts section size. Different parts will form a different sense of scale. Outline dimensions are exactly the same, but because parts of different thickness, thicker look dull, thin is lightweight and overall scale impression also produce differences.

When designing office furniture set, not in pursuit of a unified and overlook the size difference of office furniture make the corresponding adjustments in terms of size, such as dimensions, the thickness of the parts section.

Transparent and open-shelf floor plan coordination or objects that might place the size of the exhibition, asked after you place the items, neither too empty, not too full, required and loose, comfortable and beautiful. Under normal circumstances, Office furniture in the big space indoor large scale, small space Shanghai office furniture together with the smaller scale. Platform should be higher than the average of the classroom, such as City Hall platform tall, and with a higher seat; large living room with a large-scale Cabinet, big TVs, big sofa, aims to obtain a better sense of scale.

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