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The value of the appearance of the kitchen design allows you to love to cook

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Dec 29, 2016
source: NetEase Forum

Atmosphere and stylish kitchen, in order to shape the lighting, retro bar chairs and dark gray cabinets to create texture charm, so the kitchen is a taste of it.


White cabinets collocation simplicity, fashion style kenggu door, a European style, the overall effect is very atmospheric. Coupled with the unique chandeliers, let andstylish minimalist kitchen design.

Wood color based open kitchen, the top of the wooden ceiling is very distinctive, feel like living in the wild, there is a natural atmosphere.


Shallow green and white. A fresh and full kitchen space, add a carpet printing folk style retro temperament, in such a good mood. Feel cooking in the kitchen.


Wall tiles and retro geometric bright yellow, with a rich flavor of the countryside, the irregular arrangement of the lamps is lively and interesting.


Modern cabinet design, embedded kitchen electricity to make the best use of space.


The proportion of symmetrical design of the kitchen, are generous; two spherical lamps, stable vision.


In one piece of natural wood as the island table, looks very fan, Nakajima below the wine ark design also highlights.


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