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2016 Office Furniture Is More Simple, More Ecological, More Efficient

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

If your Office furniture in 90 's of the last century has the impression, should be able to recall, in that "can only work in the Office" era, they also had decorated the Office environment with luxurious furniture, one of a work station, desk, drawers, file cabinets, Office chairs, some still with partitions and screens. In 2014, its size has been reduced to one-third. Working mode the light, small office spaces, interactive tools, Office furniture per capita dropped, Office furniture can only be more simple!

Problems came at this time. Office furniture today has only "a table of four legs", simplifying to the point of not simplifying, left office furniture designers play spaces are getting smaller and smaller. Prices, manufacturing processes limited, suppliers of refined ... ... Intense competition, transparency. When all Office furniture products are similar and what we want to sell office furniture? how to sell?

Professional planning team needs to "sensitivity". Culture and work patterns to understand the customer's business, reasonable planning of every space! the professional plan means additional targeted services, meaning "premium".

Understand technology how into work mode, solution workers on using and aesthetic needs, tie Enterprise advance new culture new environment, furniture suppliers also to has a transformation of stage; space planning has is a items office furniture suppliers of essential service has, let furniture design became environment of a highlights, away from price competition, upgrade efficient of service does not necessarily will increased factory of operation costs, in technology has reached a low cost to efficient of times, factory if stay in traditional of sales mode, That can only be determined by the price the factory of the future.

In soon of future, technology will will let Office environment produced more big of change: we work Shi can empty-handed, and didn't package, as long as remember a password, on can in company any a LCD screen Qian work, all of operation are connection to a integrated of super computer Shang; work of location according to vacancy flexible arrangements, work of time can avoid crowd peak, let time more has efficiency; employees can full using total with of equipment, enterprise can reduced space and equipment input.

This concept is especially suitable for large expensive office space in the city, players can take advantage of a smaller space to accommodate more "flexibility" employees. Businesses can prepare different workspace, such as private operations rooms comes with technology connections, multimedia-equipped exchange area, open and comfortable work area, function rooms, and so on.

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