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American Style Furniture Classification Set Of Classical And Innovation As One Of The Furniture

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 18, 2016
source: China People's Livelihood News Times

The first, antique style

Americans are generally more nostalgic, so in their furniture, there is also a large part of deliberately old. Especially some furniture can often see a variety of wormholes, or blunt knife marks, and some insects crawling over the traces or secretion. These are they intentionally making, to show the history of furniture.

Second, pastoral style

Love love nostalgia will certainly love close to nature that not so much mechanical past life. So there are some people who will use the natural material. Such as: solid wood or various kinds of stone to make furniture the furniture is generally not so eat with them is luxury, but has a different flavor more carefree and content.

American furniture classification has a blend of classical and modern style as a whole, this is the new classical style. It is the people in the classical charm and get rid of that too much of a luxury. They use simple lines to design such furniture, but also the details can be seen unique noble, reflect another kind of elegant flavor. Give a low-key luxury feeling, is not too vulgar, but not too dull.

In the decoration, people will come to the decoration according to the characteristics of American furniture classification. Like those rustic furniture will generally use paint to decorate, make people feel there is a return to nature. It uses the appropriate sense of bright color and clear texture to create a simple rural life, but also their nostalgia for the past. And this way of design in making up is very time-consuming. So it is not difficult to find, American furniture prices are generally higher, but the value for money, this low-key luxury furniture placed in the home is the house master grade is relatively high.

It is not difficult to find in the classification of American furniture, garden furniture is accounted for a very large proportion. Because Americans are generally more romantic nostalgia. So, their furniture design also with such a strong flavor. And even those luxurious furniture compared to and will not be worse than they are. Even in our country. Many people also believe that advocating a pastoral life. After all, carefree and content to people in the fast-paced city life pressure is too big. When we go back home, the door to see such a look very relaxed feeling of home, the pressure will be released!


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