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Anji Bar Stool Exports Growth Contrarian

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 11, 2016
source: Huzhou Daily News

In recent years, Anji low value-added bamboo grass products export competitiveness is weakening, and the traditional market demand is increasingly weak. The city's inspection and quarantine departments to assess the situation, for Anji chair products shipments of large, difficult to grasp the actual quality of the situation, continue to strengthen the processing and storage aspects of supervision, and the relevant departments, with the cooperation of local industry associations to guide enterprises to improve the relevant system , Measures to achieve bamboo and wood products "raw material monitoring + enterprise self-test + key project testing + daily supervision" of the new model of inspection and supervision to strengthen the daily supervision and effective to avoid export risks.


In the course of daily supervision, inspection and quarantine departments to "one-stop window" service as a basis for a comprehensive paperless inspection, inspection and quarantine regional integration, Zhejiang and Shanghai through customs clearance and other facilitation measures to continuously optimize the inspection process, Shorten the inspection visa cycle. At the same time, actively for export enterprises to track the collection of foreign technology trade measures, export-related policies and regulations, and timely feedback business. At present, many chair industry and other enterprises to develop a variety of new products have made many domestic and foreign patents, the first three quarters of the Anji export bar chairs, high technology, high value-added products, a substantial increase in the proportion.

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