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Buy Desk What Should Be Paid Attention

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Frist, table in the modern office, the importance of:

Allow employees to work environments

Comfortable and well designed desk is a big boost to a dutiful employee, because on the table, he can be free to work or engage in other activities, will not be unsettled by the unsuitable design of the table, for more effective function.

Commonly used files and stationery order archive

If there is no planning your desk drawers, files and stationery can only be placed in position on the table, not only causing visual discomfort, more will make their work efficiency, if the files in their own planning under the systematic placement of the, you won't get lost in a heap of mess in the files.

Promotion of informatization

Design sophisticated of modern desk is except screen zhiwai, on information engineering most has help of a Office furniture, for public space creative design decoration Exchange forum, good of distribution line space can makes desktop clean, and keep "wireless of", future expanded sex also enough, people without again for public space creative design decoration Exchange forum led to led to of phone line and mess has mind, can instead put focus betting in work Shang.

Humanity an important contributor

Recently has a independent desk, that is not need landing of screen, directly in table Shang with screen of equipment, this built indoor outside architects and building territories of Exchange platform, and achieved industry of online work type community, and achieved building territories guide real estate industry development desk on Office of changes very has help, also to ensure everyone of privacy, also, because table store of most is belongs to personal regardless of is work or private of items, staff will has " This is my table "feeling, and also for public building exterior and interior architects and building communication platform, achieving industry-online communities, achieve building industry leading real estate development Division produces a sense of identity.

Pointer to the employee health

Majority desk desktop height to 72 to 76 public is divided into standard, so with most Office chairs match the most appropriate, staff will not bend over or stretching your neck for a long time and resulting in bodily injury, health does not only chairs are responsible for security of the staff, even the tables are not immune to accountability.

Second, buy key:

When choosing a table, because the color change is small, only desktop color will change little, so consider decorating collocation worry less, but still has some of the most important principles must be taken into account:

Company what is a to what for business target of units, is first must consider of project, if company within most employees do of work are similar, that can procurement function similar of desk, for example transactional company of desk on without too had complex, advertising company on because business compared complex, and will on different positions of employees provides different uses of desk, for example drawing sector, has may need larger of desktop, and non-storage better of table.

Receive function

Table functions are to receive personal, therefore need to take into account the employee's personal needs, such as the need for public space creative design forum for the exchange of staff to receive more information, consider let him have two drawers on the right side (two), rather than the three drawers on the right side (two small and one large), so to help more of its work. In addition, if you buy table legs high desk, storage space will be so narrow, procurement should be prudent.

Line configuration feature

Apart from good desk space should consider placing information products, there should also be adequate, including horizontal and vertical lines of storage space in order to avoid line exposed, also note is that high voltage power supply and information line isolation, lest the information leakage due to magnetic interference.

Detail design

Table edge with the sleek shape design of bevel or one-fourth circle designs to avoid traditional rectangular design will repress the building inside and outside architects and building communication platform, achieving industry-online communities, realize the construction sector to guide the development of the real estate industry with elbows vascular disease. Current table design to the point of thinking extends, employees do not have to sit at your desk, there are many stands set up inside and outside architects and building communication platform, achieving industry-online communities, realize the construction sector to guide the development of the real estate industry, such as full-time work, such as queries, charting, of course, require higher desktop. In addition, the material is no longer confined to the steel, varied materials such as glass, leather, wood, aluminum desk change more, and also took on a more lively look.

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