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Custom Furniture Is Optimistic About Growth

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Sep 20, 2016
source: Voice of the economy, "live trading"

Real estate sales led the furniture industry boom of the rise in the growth rate to be optimistic about custom furniture.

Central Broadcasting Network Beijing September 19, according to Voice of the economy, "live trading" reported that, under the background of strong sales of real estate, furniture industry boom also increased gradually in the first half of this year to maintain rapid growth in the furniture segment revenue, profitability also continued to increase, the performance of the continuation of high growth, the highest among the boom of custom furniture industry eye-catching performance. State financial securities investment adviser Yun Liu makes analysis of investment opportunities in the furniture industry.

Voice of the economy: real estate market this year, trading activity, while the downstream industry chain of furniture industry has benefited, at the same time, the stock of housing under the consumer to upgrade background update also brings incremental demand for the furniture industry. This is a furniture industry boom can last approximately how long?

Yun Liu: This promotion round furniture industry boom, partly because this time the real estate market and the sale of second-hand housing market hot bring fast incremental, on the other hand that the consumption upgrade is the trend, and in the furniture industry more consumption upgrading, and the entire custom furniture and high-end furniture market is opened, especially domestic brand further and further along the road. So the short term, the real estate will be decay heat, but the boom of the furniture industry as a whole will be slightly stronger than the heat of sustained real estate, because the future in the field of consumer upgrades will be relatively large potential.

Voice of the economy: In general, the boom and the economic growth of the furniture industry is closely related with the development of low-speed transition from the rapid development of Chinese economy in the past few years the furniture industry growth rate will be some kind of change in the future?

Yun Liu: With the national economic growth is slowing down, and now the overall growth of the furniture industry from more than 15% of assets to 10% or less, and in this process, differentiation in the furniture industry is gradually reflected the general increase of furniture speed gradually malaise, high-end furniture, custom furniture and a number of consumer-related upgrade furnishings and furniture brand domestic growth actually gradually enhanced. And the growth of high-end furniture brand furniture and custom furniture market will be relatively maintained relatively high speeds.

Voice of the economy: Present, there is a lot of furniture brands have introduced customized services, the data show that in 2015 China market size of 1.5 trillion furniture, custom furniture accounted for less than 15%, while current custom home has accounted for our overall home about 20-30% market share, future custom home in the future will maintain more than 18% annual growthrate, how do you see the development of custom furniture industry?

Yun Liu : Custom furniture currently has a comparative advantage, mainly due to the current overall consumer market, particularly in the furniture consumer market demand diversification, while gradually moving towards high-end China, so the demand for custom furniture is gradually rising. From the current point of view, although the overall furniture market growth is gradually slowing down, but custom furniture visible in the next time it will maintain a relatively high growth rate, mainly because the current custom furniture in the furniture market share relatively low, 20% to 30% share in the future there are relatively large room for improvement. Meanwhile, in the current tide of consumption upgrade, incremental space furniture market is very large. We are rather optimistic about the future of custom furniture relatively fast and sustained profit growth.

     Voice of the economy: industry, the furniture industry as a whole is in a highly dispersed state, some SMEs to provide long-term well-known enterprises OEM production and supporting the production, building its own brands and domestic sales channels missing, facing the fate of being eliminated, but with the industrial upgrading, the number of above-scale furniture industry is increasing, how do you think have the advantage of the furniture business can stand out in the process of industrial upgrading in the game?

   Yun Liu: At present, the domestic furniture industry is characterized by relatively scattered, but most businesses are small and medium enterprises do not have the brand, the future of domestic furniture industry wants to gradually come to the fore, we must go intensive, brand development, manufacture some brand, quality furniture and high-end platform.

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