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Do Not Think That Simple Furniture Collocation Is Very Simple To Learn These Collocations

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 19, 2017
source: Beautiful home network

One, the furniture with the restaurant

The restaurant is furnished to beautiful, but also practical, not all randompacking. All kinds of decorative supplies for its dining environment is different. Set in the kitchen in the restaurant, the kitchen facilities should be paid attention to and coordinated; set in the living room in the restaurant, should pay attention to the unity of the living room and the function if the restaurant and style, is an independent type, may be in accordance with the overall living pattern design easy romantic, relatively independent, decoration of the restaurant, the greater freedom.

Two, the living room furniture with

Living room furniture should be based on the activities and functional properties of room layout, one of the most basic, is the minimum requirement is a set of design table, including rest, talk using the seat (usually a sofa), and accordingly, such as television, audio, books, audio and video materials, beverage and appliance equipment according to the requirements of other activities, from single or complex degree room, add the corresponding furniture and equipment.

Three, balcony furniture with

Now the house, almost each household has one, two balcony, different residential balcony, although the width of different sizes, but better than nothing. Considering the room decoration, do not forget to balcony landscaping. Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying, drying and other material, is natural some functions of the balcony. But besides these, potted flowers, adorn the life more beautiful, also the balcony can not be ignored important potential function.

Four, children's room with furniture

1, pre-school children's room can choose bright colored wood furniture;

2, furniture should be firm and smooth no angle, moderate height, the best selection of short furniture;

3, floor carpet or wooden floor or floor;

4, light should be soft;

5, the wall can be colorful wallpaper or cartoons, active indoor atmosphere


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