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Gas Lift

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: May 18, 2017

Pneumatic lifting rods are also called gas springs, pneumatic rods, pressure bars, usually used in high-grade swivel chairs, bar chairs, computer office chairs and other furniture, it can adjust the height and angle of furniture to achieve the perfect embodiment of human mechanics.

In order to reduce transportation costs, usually after the demolition of the package delivery, the customer received the goods after the installation. Lifting rod installation is very simple, no professional skills, as long as one or two steps to easily get.

installation method:

1. Insert the rod into the chair center hole;

2. The upper part of the chair and the gas rod head docking, so that the small head into the bottom of the chair bottom tray center hole;

3. To carry out lifting debugging can be, sitting a few times, gas and other parts will be more and more close

Disassembly method:

1. First lift the chair overturned upside down, and make the chair off the ground, at the same time with a hammer (the best head wrapped in cardboard, so as not to damage the chair) knock on the bottom of the bar, in the upper part of the chair gravity, inertia and percussion Force and other common role, a little bit of strength to tap several times can make the gas rod and chair feet separated.

2. Grasp the gas rod, pour the chair and make the chair off the ground, with a hammer forced to hit the bottom of the cushion metal tray (base), so that the upper part of the chair gravity, inertia and percussion force under the combined action Separate from the metal tray at the bottom of the cushion.

The specific operation of the time to be careful to avoid damage to the base of the plating layer.

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