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Go Fast Does Not Mean Good " Furniture Development Needs To Slow Down The Pace

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Sep 27, 2016
source: Chinese building materials network

       The overall development of the overall strength into the high-end consumer market

Customization of this concept, a long time ago mentioned, but then because the overall development of the home industry is not mature, so development was shelved, and in recent years, the development of customized industry also ushered in blowout, especially in 2016 , But also known as custom first year. Custom home can be based on the size of the room and the owner needs to create a multi-functional space. In recent years, the pursuit of individual groups of young decorative style, the overall custom home boom thriving. At present, the market in addition to customized home in accordance with changes in demand for cabinet size, style, environmental protection and many other needs, but also to custom home gradually towards high-end consumer groups. The industry said that the previous high-end consumers to buy finished furniture, strong consumer spending, but the whole house is characterized by a great custom design is very strong, to attract consumers to pay for this, which is a lot of custom home brands among the high-end consumer ranks Of the reasons, customized home brand towards quality, high-end consumer-oriented direction.

Strong momentum of development can catch up with finished furniture

From the point of view of the entire environment, the whole market is very large ocean, the corporate brand have made efforts to enter the home market. Although the home market is huge, but most of the tree brand finished furniture and hand-made system, custom home brand as a new category, the birth of a short span of more than ten years, has been in scale, growth beyond the finished furniture brand. At present, the industry leading domestic enterprises in the domestic scale of the basic 1 billion yuan, while the leading domestic enterprises in the scale of customization between 20 billion to 4 billion yuan, the industry believes that the future of custom home will replace finished furniture, hand-made furniture , As the industry mainstream products.

Customization industry development is hot, but the overall home to the point of view, there has been another trend - the whole house customization, a lot of custom home brand is not just content in front of this piece, have extended their own development line, Have entered the wardrobe, cabinets and other related categories. However, enterprises in the blind expansion of its own category, it should also be combined with the strength of their own brands, do not follow the trend of expansion. Therefore, the home business or product development should be good, can not be anxious, to step by step a steady development, so that in order to harvest the development of "spring."

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