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National Furniture Industry Standardization Work Conference Held In Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Nov 14, 2016
source: the new Zhejiang network

The general assembly by the national furniture standardization committee vice chairman Ji Fei, President of the Shanghai Institute of quality inspection and technical research chair. Jifei announced a list of 2016 new furniture standard observer units. Zhejiang Province Bureau of quality and technical supervision standardization department deputy director Zheng Qin and China Light Industry Federation integrated business department director Li Ying at the meeting of the Zhejiang provincial standard the development of furniture, construction of standard system, the furniture industry standards revision and standardization work has made a speech.

The meeting examined and adopted the Chinese Furniture Association, China furniture standardization committee chairman Zhu Changling made the <2016 national furniture standardization committee work report ", report reviews since the two session of the two meeting of the furniture in the standard mandatory standard integrated, recommended standard optimization work, revision of the standard, the international standardization work, outstanding achievements the standard publicizing work and other aspects; to accelerate the standardization of furniture development, promote technological innovation and industrial transformation, protection of China's furniture industry standard" 13th Five-Year "development planning" smoothly laid a solid foundation. Zhu Changling review of previous work, he believes that the Home Furnishing authority is actively involved in organizing and local Chinese Furniture Association Furniture Association furniture industry development forum or seminar, to effectively promote the national and local furniture to enhance the quality of the users of the standards, The majority of consumers to accurately understand the connotation of standard, improve the standard implementation efficiency. Meeting of the national furniture secretaries Luo Jufen <2016 for the annual national furniture standard financial report.

Since the two meeting of the two meeting of the national standard of furniture, units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in Chinese furniture standardization undertakings made in recognition. By Guangdong product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, the national furniture standardization committee vice chairman Chen Jinhan read the < > decision on the recognition of the national furniture standardization advanced collective, deputy secretary general the national furniture standardization committee Ling Chao read < Changhai decision. On the recognition of the national furniture standardization advanced workers

The General Assembly called on delegates, to deeply understand the work of standardization under the State Council reform in 2016 and the national standardization work conference spirit, fully implement the national furniture industry standardization work and the National Standardization Committee of the second furniture third plenary session document; the full implementation of the resolution will pass.

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