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Office Furniture Market Is The Most Common Production Plates

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

Office furniture company professionals, plywood furniture is the main market. There are several types of synthetic plywood, particle board, cabinetwork Board (Board), MDF, solid wood panels, decorative plates. We will introduce you to the following for more information:

1, Particleboard

Particle board and particle board, particle board, Joint Filler, made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials and scrap, after applying adhesive glued under heat and pressure into the Panel, also known as particle board. Mainly used for furniture manufacture, automotive car manufacturing and construction industry and train.

For uniform Particleboard structure, processing performance, and can be processed into large format sheets as needed, is to produce different specifications, style furniture, better raw materials. Manufactures Particleboard does not need to be dried again, can be directly used, sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good. But it also has its drawbacks, because the rough edge, easily moisture absorption, made of particle board furniture edge sealing process is especially important. Due to the large volume of Particleboard, furniture made with it, relative to other plates and more.

2, blockboard

Blockboard commonly known as the big Board, wood panels, wood panels, mosaic is composed of two sheets of veneer glue wood together. Joiner's glue veneer on both sides of the total thickness must not be less than 3mm. Edge defect with all kinds of joinery, in widths up to nominal size must not exceed 5mm, length cannot be greater than 20mm. Wood is made of high quality natural wood by heat treatment (drying chamber drying), processed into certain specifications of wooden bars formed by the puzzle machine stitching. Mosaic wood on both sides of the two coats of quality veneers, made by hot press and cold glue pressure again.

Fine woodworking and Particleboard, MDF compared to its natural wood characteristics conform to the requirements of human nature; it has light weight, ease of processing, the advantages of nail holding power of good, not out of shape, interior decoration and furniture making is an ideal material.

3, MDF

MDF fibreboard, wood or other plant fiber as raw material is applied urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive made from man-made sheet. According to their different densities, low into HDF, MDF, MDF. MDF surface smooth, fine texture, stable performance, solid edge, and surface decoration of the plate well. But poor moisture resistance MDF, and by contrast, MDF nail holding power worse than Particleboard, if loose after screws tight, due to the strength of MDF is not high, it's hard to fix. MDF finishing processing easily. All kinds of coatings, paints are evenly coated on the MDF was the preferred substrate for painting effect.

4, solid wood panels

Solid Board is full of wood (logs) made of wood. Solid wood panel plates durable, natural texture, mostly with natural wood unique aroma, with good moisture absorption and permeability, beneficial to human health, causing no pollution, is the production of high-grade furniture, decoration of high quality sheet. Some special materials (such as beech) solid wood panels are ideal material for manufacture of gunstocks, precision instrument. Due to the solid wood panel plates cost of high, and construction and high technology, used in the decoration but not much. In addition, timber resources are limited, make extensive use of solid wood panel used to make furniture, decoration becomes impossible. Using cheap, and easy construction of artificial plate decoration is a wise choice, it can be considered to protect forest resources, speed up the construction of ecological civilization make a due contribution.

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5, MLB, base material for multilayer boards, decorative melamine paper is becoming a trend

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