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Solid Wood Office Furniture Maintenance

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 25, 2016

First down regularly with a soft cloth wipe the wood texture, dust furniture, before going to the dust, coated in a soft cloth is recommended (BI-Rachel), avoid not with a dry cloth, to avoid scratches.

Come back to be taken to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, avoiding surface oxidation, furniture turning yellow, appear the phenomenon of color. Solid wood furniture is used in a dry environment, artificial humidification requirements measures, such as regularly using a soft cloth with water and wipe the furniture dry.

Then pay attention to Office Furniture paint film protection to prevent collisions and knives by hard objects carved, cannot copy copy on your desktop. Try to avoid making the furniture surfaces come into contact with corrosive liquids, such as: alcohol, Nail Polish, gasoline, acids, alkalis, and so on.

Finally, Office furniture doors and drawer maintenance is to pull gently, handle with care, reducing shock vibration on furniture, metal parts must be regularly lubricated.

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