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Spring Equinox

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 20, 2017

      Vernal equinox, one of .

      The vernal equinox is the midpoint of the spring ninety days. Twenty-four solar terms, the annual lunar calendar around February 15 (Gregorian calendar about March 20-21), the sun is located in the yellow 0 ° (vernal equinox). Vernal equinox This day the sun is direct Earth equator, north and south hemisphere season, the northern hemisphere is the vernal equinox, in the southern hemisphere is the autumnal equinox. The vernal equinox is a new year with Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other countries, with a history of 3,000 years.

       There are generally kite flying, women and children flying kites, and write a blessing on the kite hope God God see. Hairpin drink, both men and women are hairpin. Wild pick wild vegetables and other activities.



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