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The Kitchen Bar Is How Much The Right

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 13, 2017
source: People's Republic of China

At present people like the pursuit of European style home, family bar has gradually penetrated into the ordinary family decoration design. For example, kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. so the kitchen bar is generally high?

1, we should proceed from human health perspective, sit to keep body good; secondly it is comfort, comfort is not only related to the elastic cushion, and bar chair height, suitable for high to sit at the bar chair people maintain a comfortable shape.

2, if the family is the bar and cabinets together, the bar height generally do 800 to 850mm. The different decoration style will also affect the size of the bar, such as the North American or American style, it is necessary to increase the height of the bar from 1100 to 1250mm high.

I hope the above analysis allows us to have a preliminary understanding of the height of the family bar, the kitchen bar general introduction of how much to this

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