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You Need A Bar Stool

Edit: Anji Youke Furniture Co.,Ltd    Date: Oct 25, 2016
source: China Cabinet network


    Modern home decoration design, open kitchen water usually set a kitchen bar, not only plays the role of decoration, but also practical. But the kitchen bar height / size design should follow certain principles, to fully consider the space size and convenient use. If your kitchen is open kitchen, there is a small bar, then the bar a high degree of consistency, the height and the operation panel is 80 to 90 cm. If you want to add a small table in the bar, then on the basis of the original bar to add 30 to 25 cm, which reached 110 to 115 cm, then the bar chairs adjust to the most comfortable position would be ideal.

    Collocation open kitchen restaurant and kitchen and the overall Home Furnishing environment, can add a lot of freedom, make life Home Furnishing so that the kitchen from the "Cinderella" into the bedroom open view. If you set a bar in the kitchen, you can play a role in the transition of good can set the bar. People enjoy with bar culture, eat more exotic, also can let Home Furnishing space with the new landscape.

    It's too crowded in the kitchen can plan a small bar, not only beautiful, but also very practical. It can be a breakfast table, can also be a restaurant Taiwan. So the design of the bar to make the space appears more transparent, the utility function is stronger. In the small kitchen, the designer will sink placed in the bar above the bar placed below the washing machine, the design of the storage function that enhanced a lot.

Open style kitchen design a small bar is a good choice, we can try this kitchen design style, will give you an unexpected surprise.

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